The PEOPLE Puzzler Book

February 8, 2017 - Comment

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Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition


Stacey H. says:

This Crossword Puzzle Book is Loads of Fun and Makes A Quality Gift Too If there’s one thing I love, it’s the crossword puzzles in People magazine. The crossword puzzles in this big book are just like the puzzles in People magazine – not so easy that your brain goes numb and just challenging enough so that you will actually think a bit in order to get them solved.There are 100 puzzles in the book. The puzzles are divided into four sections: movie stars, television stars, music stars and there are also “classic puzzles”. The pages in the book are somewhat glossy, just like People magazine.I enjoyed this crossword puzzle book so much that I finished it in just about two months and also ordered one for my mom for Christmas a few years back. She really enjoyed it as well. I highly recommend this for those who like entertainment crossword puzzles and who like a little bit of a challenge but don’t want to feel like they are being tortured by the New York Times crossword puzzles, which, for most of us, are impossible.

Debbie says:

CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE I order about a half dozen of these at a time. Honestly, I just enjoy them. I especially love the JUMBO PUZZLERS as my eyes are not the same as they once were. Recently, I ordered six more. I did receive five books at this point, however the vendor was good enough to send me an email or two telling me the missing book will be in about the middle of October or shortly thereafter. That is perfectly fine with me as I have plenty to use for now. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and the back-ordered book(s) arrive on my doorstep earlier than scheduled.

Debbie says:

I AM HOOOKED ON THESE BOOKS Okay, I confess that I always seem to order several of these puzzler books at a time. Sometimes television can be too much and I would like a quiet area to relax in (with my puzzler books, of course). I LOVE the JUMBO edition the best of all the People books…. so easy to read and I am hoping this company will send me emails every time a new one hits the shelves. I am thrilled at the fast service that I received getting this through the mail, especially where these past few months have very HEAVY mail delivery. The book was in perfect condition and was secured in a very nice package so it was not flopping around and easily to rip open. Would I buy from these good folks again? You bet your boots I will. Thank you for wonderful service.

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