Amazon Allowance

February 8, 2017 - Comment

Product Features Give a recurring or one-time allowance to easily fund shopping on

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Product Features

  • Give a recurring or one-time allowance to easily fund shopping on


kenneth hoback says:

Investing in the future! As a FREQUENT shopper with Amazon, one who often spends my money too free and easily, I find it a great thing to “set this money aside” so as to be able to feed my shopping addiction! I truly believe that the shopping I does make me happier, albeit temporary! This is a great way to allow myself the ability to shop- Amazon has EVERYTHING, from unessential to the very necessary. I love this function. A great thing, too, for friends and family to endow their loved ones with such a valuable resource as Amazon is! ***I HAVE NO TIES,*** other than happy consumer, TO AMAZON!–love ’em and there endless variety, policies, and ensuring the customer experience is as high as possible! Jeff Brake for president 2020

Misty Hazelton says:

Great Idea Amazon! Amazon allowance is a great idea. I have children that don’t live at home, and sometimes they need a little help out with money. Who am I kidding, they always need help. While I try to let them figure things out on their own, I sometimes like to give them a little something special. Amazon allowance is the perfect thing. I can gift money to their accounts on a regular basis, or just when I want. They can also ask me for help via Amazon Allowance. My son who lives with me just recently asked if he could use my credit card to purchase something on Amazon. I told him about the allowance part and he requested an allowance. He was buying a Christmas gift, so I couldn’t just go on and buy it for him. I think this is a great idea. Thank you Amazon, for thinking of this.

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